Honeywell Aerospace Technologies

Advanced Solutions for Defense Modernization: Propulsion, Sensors, Communication & Augmented Reality Systems


Honeywell is a leading developer of high-technology solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.

Our innovative products and services include avionics, connectivity, propulsion, and more, and are integrated into numerous systems and platforms worldwide. These encompass 100% of military aircraft worldwide, more than 100% of satellites currently in orbit, and 100% of all NASA space missions.


Military-Grade Augmented Reality Systems

Honeywell’s most advanced augmented reality solutions provide enhanced real-time situational awareness for military personnel and Air Force personnel operating in challenging and low-visibility environments.

Product Highlight: Honeywell 360 Display

The Honeywell 360 Display is a wearable augmented reality system that provides pilots and ground vehicle operators with unprecedented situational awareness. Using external high-resolution cameras, it delivers an ultra-low-latency 360-degree view from the air or external vehicle, supported by both in-vehicle and external data.

The lightweight head-worn display reduces the need to glance at instruments by overlaying vehicle gauge data, air traffic information, and sensor data directly into the driver’s line of sight, making it ideal for enhancing safety and confidence in adverse weather conditions and low visibility situations.

Military Navigation & Sensors

Our robust navigation and sensor solutions offer a wide range of interactive products (including inertial navigation systems (INS), inertial reference systems (IRS), magnetic sensors, gyroscopes, inertial measurement units, accelerometers, attitude heading reference systems) as well as alternative solutions for operations where GPS is unavailable. This includes navigation solutions and position and temperature sensors.

Honeywell’s navigation and sensor products, designed to support military-grade navigation, positioning, stabilization, and flight control, can be applied to various military platforms, including manned, unmanned, and autonomous military vehicles in the air, on the ground, and at sea.

Product Highlight: Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) with Anti-Jam

Honeywell’s family of EGI-integrated GPS/INS systems for military aircraft is designed to perform flawlessly in demanding environments and support challenging military-grade navigation, guidance, stabilization, and flight control applications.

The DO-178 and DO-254 certified systems provide reliable outputs across a broad spectrum and feature robust anti-jamming capabilities to defend against threats and new interferences, focusing on less challenging GPS-denied environments. Additionally, the EGI is equipped with M-Code functionality, offering secure and future-oriented navigation capabilities for military pilots.

Military SATCOM

Honeywell’s military SATCOM solutions are deployed worldwide, providing continuous ground connectivity and critical updates from anywhere on Earth, regardless of the flight path.

Honeywell’s expertise in satellite communication technology encompasses a wide range of military operations; it supports clear and uninterrupted communication when needed most, providing fast and reliable communication for every mission. Solutions include military antennas and data links, maritime surveillance and communication products, payload systems, and a variety of voice and data solutions designed to connect military aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to satellite and ground equipment.

Product Highlight: Jetwave MCX SATCOM

Jetwave MCX is the world’s most advanced wideband network-agnostic satellite communication system with global coverage, capable of utilizing any civil or military Ka-band network during flight via Inmarsat’s GX Aviation network and upcoming Wideband Global Satellite (WGS) networks.

Honeywell Federal Energy Solutions

Your energy outcomes are our mission. Honeywell assists federal agencies and organizations in meeting energy regulations, reducing operating costs, cutting greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing site sustainability. Across thousands of projects supporting federal clients, we have achieved over $5 billion in energy and operational savings.

We are now ready to upgrade facilities, integrate systems, optimize energy usage and consumption, enhance energy resilience, and train staff—and we can assist you in finding the right ways to finance projects by leveraging opportunities such as current incentives and grants.

We have various pre-approved procurement contracts, including GSA, UMCS, ESPC, and UESC. We provide a rigorous online certification, accreditation, and documentation process. Honeywell combines the federal and local government expertise you expect with the technology and precision you need.

Military Turboshaft Engines

Honeywell turboshaft engines are extensively used, particularly in helicopters where Honeywell’s advanced power and fuel efficiency are required.

Renowned for meeting stringent military aviation safety and reliability standards, Honeywell engines also lead in technical innovation and durability. As a result, they produce more power with less fuel consumption, thanks to their rugged design requiring less maintenance.

Honeywell engines have the capability to support any mission with increased range and payload capacity, while operating in the most challenging environments.

Product Highlight: T55-714C Turboshaft Engine

The 714C is the next-generation version of the battle-proven T55 engine family, which powers the U.S. Army’s Chinook helicopters and has accumulated over 12 million flight hours worldwide. Designed to excel in the harshest environments, the 714C is engineered to have high sand tolerance.

The upgraded 6,000 horsepower engine offers several improvements over its predecessor, including more power, double the range in high, hot, and heavy loads, 8% lower SFC, 25% reduction in operational and support costs, and a 3000-hour TBO.

Power & Thermal Management System (PTMS)

Developed by Honeywell, the Power and Thermal Management System (PTMS) seamlessly integrates the four essential aircraft systems, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness throughout the system’s life cycle.

Honeywell’s innovative PTMS combines the functionalities of a traditional auxiliary power unit (APU), environmental control system (ECS), emergency power system (EPU), and thermal management system (TMS) into one integrated unit.

TALIN Inertial Land Navigator Family

Honeywell’s Tactical Advanced Land Inertial Navigator (TALIN) family provides robust, accurate, and reliable inertial navigation using the GG1320 digital ring laser gyro and Q-Flex accelerometers.

Battle-proven TALIN inertial navigation systems are utilized across a wide range of applications and are known for their ease of use and versatility.

TALIN Marine Inertial Navigation System (MINS)

Honeywell’s TALIN MARINE Inertial Navigation System (MINS), designed for military ships, is an extremely precise and shock-resistant inertial navigation solution.

Developed to meet specific maritime requirements, TALIN MINS provides essential data on heading, deviation, pitch, angular velocity, and wave, consolidating the functionalities of an INS and an Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) into one comprehensive solution.


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