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The integration of Unirobotics Trakon Lite with Havelsan Barkan

The armed unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) developed by HAVELSAN, BARKAN, has been equipped with UNIROBOTICS' TRAKON LITE Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS).

HAVELSAN’s BARKAN unmanned ground vehicle successfully integrated the TRAKON LITE Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS), developed by SYS Group companies including CANiK. This integration demonstrates UNIROBOTICS’ smart turret family’s effectiveness not only in unmanned ground vehicles but also in unmanned maritime vehicles.

UNIROBOTICS, one of the companies within the SYS Group, has recently completed another successful endeavor in the field of armed unmanned vehicles. After integrating the SALVO National Maritime Type TRAKON LITE Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) onto an unmanned maritime vehicle in recent weeks, UNIROBOTICS is now showcasing its prowess in unmanned ground vehicles.

In collaboration with HAVELSAN, within the BARKAN Unmanned Ground Vehicles project, UNIROBOTICS has integrated the advanced TRAKON LITE RCWS. The Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) have expanded their product range with the addition of a 40mm automatic cannon.

BARKAN was listed in 2023

The medium-level unmanned ground vehicle BARKAN, designed for use by security forces, entered the catalog in 2023 following field trials. Thanks to its functions, BARKAN can overcome challenging terrain and harsh weather conditions, as well as eliminate asymmetric threats to security forces. It enhances combat effectiveness in high-risk military missions and is designed to provide advanced security in scenarios requiring diverse skills.

BARKAN can perform various tasks such as attack weapons deployment, equipment transport, casualty evacuation, bomb disposal, reconnaissance and surveillance, and combat damage assessment, thanks to its modular design, advanced payload capacity, and enhanced autonomy. It can also conduct joint operations with other autonomous vehicles using swarm infrastructure. BARKAN can achieve speeds of over 13 kilometers per hour and operate for more than 5 hours.



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